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Information Technology Academy

Acquire the skills you need to launch your IT career in weeks, giving you the opportunity to make more money than ever before!

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"We will prosper in proportion as we learn to dignify and glorify labor and put brain and skill into the common occupations of life."    -Booker T. Washington


Lifting the Veil

Founded by Bill Green in 2017, Lifting the Veil Academy has been steadfast in building professional, well trained, & career driven Developers.  LTV was actually started on a whim based on a challenge to Bill to give back and share the skills he had acquired.  Thinking he was just going to teach a few students, Bill decided to teach a class and bestow his Database Development skillset on to a few students.  Before long, he had taught hundreds of students, and the request to take the course just kept coming.  Since then LTV has taught and/or helped employ thousands of students.


We primarily offer:

  • SQL Server Database Development and Business Intelligence

  • Oracle Financial Applications

  • Salesforce Administration 

  • Salesforce Solutions Architect

  • Data Science

  • Data Engineering

  • Data Analytics

  • DevOpps Engineering

  • Blockchain Development

We offer different classes at different times. Each month new classes are launched.

We at LTV believe in offering you a down to earth, friendly, professional, and courteous learning environment.  We are excited about the future and we definitely look forward to speaking with you about launching your new IT career!  


What You'll Learn


At LTV, we're committed to empowering individuals with comprehensive IT training solutions.  Our newly revamped format allows subscribers to access any of our high-quality online courses tailored to their professional development needs.  All of this is for a low affordable price.  Dive into the world of IT with our extensive range of monthly classes, each designed to equip you with essential skills and knowledge to thrive in today's tech-driven landscape.

SQL Server Database Development and Business Intelligence:

- Master SQL fundamentals and advanced query techniques.
- Learn to design, implement, and optimize databases for efficient data management.

- Gain expertise in SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) for robust business intelligence solutions.
- Hands-on experience in data warehousing and dimensional modeling.
- Develop skills to analyze and visualize data effectively for informed decision-making.


Oracle Financial Applications:

- Understand the architecture and functionalities of Oracle Financial Applications.
- Learn to configure and customize Oracle Financial modules for specific business requirements.
- Gain proficiency in financial accounting processes, including General Ledger, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable.
- Explore best practices for financial reporting and analysis using Oracle tools.
- Prepare for Oracle certification exams in Financials modules.


Salesforce Administration:

- Navigate the Salesforce platform and understand its core features and functionalities.
- Configure and customize Salesforce to align with organizational needs.
- Manage user permissions, data security, and workflow automation.
- Learn to create and customize reports and dashboards for actionable insights.
- Prepare for Salesforce Administrator certification.


Salesforce Solutions Architect:

- Dive deep into Salesforce architecture and design principles.
- Develop expertise in designing scalable and high-performance Salesforce solutions.
- Master integration techniques to connect Salesforce with other systems and applications.
- Learn to architect solutions that meet complex business requirements.
- Prepare for Salesforce Certified Technical Architect (CTA) certification.


Data Science:

- Acquire foundational knowledge in statistics, machine learning, and data visualization.
- Explore techniques for data cleaning, preprocessing, and feature engineering.
- Master popular machine learning algorithms for predictive modeling and classification.
- Learn to extract insights from data using Python and R programming languages.
- Build a portfolio of data science projects to showcase your skills to potential employers.


Data Engineering:

- Understand the principles of data architecture and data modeling.
- Learn to design and build scalable data pipelines for data ingestion and processing.
- Gain proficiency in big data technologies such as Hadoop, Spark, and Kafka.
- Explore cloud-based data engineering solutions using platforms like AWS and Google Cloud.
- Develop skills in data warehouse design and optimization.


Data Analytics:

- Learn to leverage data analytics tools and techniques for descriptive and diagnostic analysis.
- Explore data visualization methods to communicate insights effectively.
- Gain hands-on experience in exploratory data analysis (EDA) and hypothesis testing.
- Master statistical techniques for forecasting and trend analysis.
- Apply data analytics concepts to real-world business scenarios.


DevOps Engineering:

- Understand the principles of DevOps and its role in modern software development.
- Learn to automate infrastructure provisioning and deployment using tools like Docker and Kubernetes.
- Gain expertise in continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines.
- Explore configuration management tools such as Ansible and Puppet.
- Implement monitoring and logging solutions for application performance and reliability.


Blockchain Development:

- Explore the fundamentals of blockchain technology and its applications.
- Learn to develop decentralized applications (DApps) using blockchain platforms like Ethereum.
- Gain proficiency in smart contract development using Solidity programming language.
- Understand consensus mechanisms and blockchain security best practices.
- Explore use cases for blockchain beyond cryptocurrency, including supply chain management and digital identity. 

Embark on your journey to IT excellence with Lifting the Veil IT Academy. Enroll now and unlock your potential in the ever-evolving world of technology.



  • How does the subscription model work for LTV Academy?
    A: The subscription model at LTV Academy is designed to provide flexible and cost-effective access to our wide range of classes and courses. Any subscription will allow access to any class, offering you the freedom to explore various subjects based on your interests and learning goals. The longer time you purchase for a subscription, the cheaper it is per month, making it a more economical choice for continuous learning. For example, the All Access Annual Membership adds up to around $192 a month, but if you only subscribe for 1 month, it is $297 a month. This structure allows you to tailor your subscription to fit your budget and commitment level, ensuring that you get the best value for your investment in your education.
  • What's the time commitment & schedule to complete the course?
    At LTV Academy, our classes are web-based and typically take 4 to 5 months to complete, although some classes may run up to 8 months. You have the option to take more than one class at a time if you wish. Classes are taught nightly, and the specific weeknights vary based on each class and instructor. We have classes scheduled on weeknights and on Saturday mornings, making it convenient for working professionals or individuals with daytime commitments to attend and participate in our courses.
  • How long will it take me to become job ready?
    The average student becomes job ready within 5 to 6 months (including the class). Expect a few more months for Salesforce Architecture. These students commit to attending classes, studying at least one hour a day, and completing all assignments. Keep in mind every student is different and results will vary. The total time is anywhere from 100 to 160 hours of self studying.
  • How much does the course cost?
    The monthly subscription costs $297 per month. We also offer other packages as well.
  • How can I cancel my membership?
    Simple, if you purchased a learning Package, give us a 2 week notice before the next payment is due and we will cancel your monthly membership.
  • What type of positions have your students landed after finishing the course?
    The majority of our students have received varios developer positions including: Reports Developer ETL Developer SQL Server Database Developer Business Intelligence Developer Others have leveraged this course material to land other developer positions, such as: Salesforce Developer/ Architect Python Developer
  • What materials or resources do I need?
    To become a developer, you'll need a laptop and access to a suite of software tools and environments. We provide those software tools and environments for you. You can either install the software on your own laptop, or you can rent a virtual machine. If you have a Macbook the software can be installed but it would be wiser to rent a virtual machine. You need at least 100 Gigs of space on your laptop to install the software. All Software is free to download. In terms of books and reading material, we provide electronic versions of all learning materials. The most successful students choose to purchase additional resources as well.
  • Do you guarantee I will land a job?
    No, we cannot guarantee employment in any form. There are many factors that determine if a company will hire you or not. Some of these factors are beyond the scope of the training provided in this course. However, we do guarantee that after taking our course, you will have the technical skills needed to hold your own in technical interviews related to the subject matter taught in our course.
  • What is your refund Policy?
    In light of the fact that this is a service industry we cannot issue refunds. However if you desire a refund within 48 hours of a payment we will completely reverse your payment and issue a refund.
  • Do you offer any certifications or certificates?
    We don't offer any certifications. However, after completing our course you will have a technical interview. If you are able to pass our technical interview process you will recieve a certificate of completion. We also offer assistance in helping each student complete update their resume with their new skills.
  • What if I miss the live class session?
    All class sessions are recorded and archived for you to access.

"Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome."
-Booker T. Washington

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What Our graduates are saying

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"I landed a new job... making $50/hr.  I recommend this to anybody who wants to learn..."


"I Quadrupled my income..."


Bill Green
Lifting the Veil Academy


Founder / Course Instructor

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